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The most important part of Color Imaging is masking. Before we can even begin color, every tree, branch, leaf... every section of railing, every shrub, every car, every person must be expertly masked out for a quality final product.


Image Preparation

The most important part of Color Imaging is prep, just as it is with real painting. Stains, repairs, and other defects need to be corrected, or they will be visible in the final output. Yes, it's more work, but we'll never cut corners!


Color Adjustment

The most important part of Color Imaging is color. (OK, seriously - as you can see, every stage in the process is crucial!) Our color calibration system ensures that the colors we use are spot on. Your clients deserve nothing less.



Color Imaging begins with a photo that you give us, and in order to turn it into a completed PDF, we need to create masks. Masks separate out the areas we want to paint from the areas we don't want to paint. Masks also allow us to apply color in one section, like trim, while applying different colors to the other sections of the building.

Using a combination of several proprietary techniques, we create our masks with the greatest possible level of detail. This is crucial to delivering you a final product which looks as though your project has actually been painted.

And we've all seen what the imaging can look like. if you can see the difference, you can bet your clients will too.

This overview doesn't show you how we create our masks, but we believe the samples page will demonstrate our ability to deliver consistent quality Imaging. Our process is also efficient, which means on average you get your imaging in four business days; not two weeks.

image preparation

Here's an example of a project requiring extensive surface preparation. Now, this is an extreme case, but most projects require at least some degree of surface preparation because of damage, minor repairs, stains, or other problems. Without surface preparation, the imaging would look terrible.So even though surface preparation is very labor intensive, it is necessary for imaging to be successful and impactful. Once our mask is created, we use it to protect the non-painted areas of the image. And then we get to work on the surface preparation.

This video is meant to show the importance of surface preparation, and doesn't actually show the real processes involved. With proper surface preparation, you can give your client Color Imaging which looks like it's supposed to, like the project has actually been painted with the proposed colors.

In reality it's a very time consuming task which requires great skill and attention to detail - but we think the work is worth it.

Color Adjustment

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After spending considerable time and effort preparing and masking the image, the last thing we would want is to lay in colors which aren't accurate. We've cataloged the color systems from all of the major paint manufacturers. Even if you have a color we don't have in our system, odds are we can get the color information so that you get the imaging you need.

When possible, we verify the color values via spectrophotometer measurement of the actual paint samples taken directly from architectural kits and/or fan decks.

We understand that color is your business, and so it's imperative that we get the colors to be as true as possible on our end so that the effects of variables (such as different monitor and printer settings) are greatly minimized.